Rogers 4G LTE goes live in Calgary and Halifax

Add Calgary, Alberta and Halifax, Nova Scotia to the list of places you can get blisteringly fast 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) Rogers networking on your new iPad.

Rogers LTE network now reaches close to 12 million people or one third of the Canadian population. By the end of the year, it will reach nearly 60 per cent.

I've been using Rogers LTE in Montreal for several months, including a demo USB stick before the new iPad shipped and it's been consistently fast. Granted, there aren't a lot of devices that can use LTE yet, and not a lot of peopl on the towers yet, but with the new iPad, that's going to change sooner rather than later.

Getting 50Mbps down while at the coffee shop, 30Mbps down while at the lake, even 12Mbps down while on the fringe of the island is an incredible experience. HSPA+ can come close matching the low- to mid-level of those speeds, but LTE just annihilates it on uplink. It's especially great while tethering over Personal Hotspot, especially when you consider the giant iPad battery can last 24hrs if that's all you're doing with it.

If you're in Calgary or Halifax, and sometime later this year, Edmonton, and you have an LTE iPad, give it a speed test and let us know what you're getting. Then let us know what you're doing with all that speed.

Source: Rogers