Atari has brought another one of its hit games, RollerCoaster Tycoon 4, to the iPhone and iPad today for just $2.99. If you're familiar with the game or any other "Tycoon" title in the franchise you'll likely be familiar with the concept here, but the basic idea is that you're building roller coasters to your own specification for the digital riders of your own amusement park.

The game integrates with both Facebook and Game Center so that you can keep up with your friends and their coasters and parks, as well as exchange gifts and designs for each other's coasters. The downside on this one is that even though it costs $2.99 up-front, there's still a scheme for in-app purchases to move your roller coaster development along at a faster pace — the game comes with "more than $5.00 of in-game currency," but we expect you'll need more at some point.

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