Rooms by Facebook is a modern take on the message board

Rooms is the latest app from Facebook's Creative Labs group. Rooms is a new app that lets you create and find spaces for the things you love. You can create a room about a topic, style it how you want, and invite others to join.

Rooms like a miniature forum. You can post text, pictures, and videos. To get started, you pick your topic and your style. You can pick different wallpapers, choose colors, and even customize the like button with emoji. You can also pin messages, customize member permissions, and even choose whether or not your content can be linked from the web.

Rooms doesn't require you to use your real name, and lets you pick a nickname for yourself. Nicknames can also be chosen on a per-room basis, so you can have a different nickname in every room that you're a part of You can create and send invitations to anyone, through Messages, Instagram, and more.

Rooms for iPhone is rolling out on the App Store right now.

Source: Rooms

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