Rope Rescue HD is a new puzzle game by Chillingo. The goal is to drag your rope through gears and to the bird cage to release the birds from captivity. The ideal route may be blocked by enemies and fire, however.

I love puzzles, and Rope Rescue is no exception. The levels are short, making it a great time-killer game to squeeze in betweens meetings or classes, but it's also addicting for those times

Rescue caged birds in this award-winning puzzle game! Drag a length of rope through a series of gears, and then finally attach it to the cage to release your friends. Pesky enemies, fire, and other rope-wrecking obstacles threaten feathered freedom. Collect butterflies on the way for special bonuses, and try use as little rope as possible for maximum points.

  • Over 60 puzzling levels will keep you wrapped up for hours.
  • Addictive gameplay with multiple solutions for each level will have you playing for hours.
  • Avoid flying knives, fire cannons and of course the evil bats.
  • Collect or purchase butterflies to unlock later levels or provide hints to help you on your adventure.
  • Visit the bird sanctuary to see the cute baby birds you have rescued.
  • Challenge your friends to beat your best scores using fully integrated Crystal leaderboards.

Rope Rescue HD is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

[App Store link]

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