Rovio has announced a Flappy Bird-inspired game called Retry, currently soft-launched in Canada. It features the familiar one-touch controls and extremely sensitive impact areas of the insanely difficult physics game, but lathers on the retro graphics, an old-school aviation theme, and a much wider variety of levels.

Retry is being built be a new arm of Rovio called LVL11, where they basically build anything but Angry Birds. Seeing as Rovio's net profit has taken a plunge of over 50% from 2012 to 2013, initiatives like this are important, alongside the publishing efforts of Rovio Stars which has produced quality titles like Tiny Thief and Icebreakers.

I don't know that a glorified Flappy Bird clone will turn around a giant like Rovio, but good on 'em for trying something new. If you're in Canada, you can download Retry for yourself at the link below. Are a lot of you guys still playing Angry Birds regularly?

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