It looks as if famed iPhone hacker George Hotz aka Geohot, might be coming back again with a jailbreak called Rubyra1n. According to Redmond Pie, Geohot registered the domain name for Rubyra1n on March 27, 2010 when he also registered for

Of course this doesn't mean that it will be out soon or that he will even utilize this as his next release but it could show a possible iOS 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak coming in our future (one can hope anyway!). Gehot isn't on Twitter anymore (if you're following someone there, it's a fake), and has not responded to claims that this will indeed be his next jailbreak tool but it shows that he doesn't appear to be out of the jailbreak game as he stated previous to his Limera1n jailbreak tool.

As with everything jailbreak we will have to just wait and see what, if anything, occurs. As always if anything changes or we hear anything else we will update and let our faithful #TeamJailbreak fanatics know the minute we know something!

What do you think Rubyra1n will be used for? Is it just a domain name that may never be used, will it bring an untethered miracle to iOS 4.2.1, or could it be saved for another, more crucial update like... iOS 5? (Hey, why not speculate huge!)

[ Redmond Pie ]