Rumor: Foxconn says Apple ready for iPhone 5 production for summer launch

Seth Weintraub from 9to5Mac has a source within Foxconn that claims Apple is readying the iPhone 5 -- as it's apparently being called -- for production in time for a summer release. The leak also claims:

  • 4+ inch display (made by LG on at least one of them)
  • No teardrop-shaped devices as were rumored in the lead up to the iPhone 4S. Samples so far have been >- symmetrical in thickness. Also longer/wider.
  • None of the sample devices have the iPhone 4/4S form factor
  • None of the devices are final versions

Given Apple has already re-used the iPhone 4 form factor for the iPhone 4S, it makes sense they wouldn't revisit it again for the iPhone 5. Likewise, the oft-rumored teardrop form-factor, while seen in other devices, doesn't really seem to fit within Apple's existing iOS device design language.

Again, no word on 4G LTE network connectivity, which while increasingly common in the U.S. still isn't widespread internationally.

However, since none none of these devices were considered the final version, and since Apple can and will make changes well into the production cycle, it's best to take everything with a 4-inch grain of salt.

We'll find out for sure when Phil Schiller holds it up on stage. Or someone leaves it in a bar...

Source: 9to5 Mac