iPhonehellas.gr (via Macrumors) is claiming their sources are claiming that iPhone OS 2.2 is a mere 10 days away, set to drop on November 21st. Nobody outside a very few at Apple -- and maybe the carriers -- know for certain, however, so take this news with a Jobsian-sized grain of salt.

To round up the 2.2 beta features so far (which may or may not make it into the final release, along with whatever secret surprises Apple may have in store):

Still no word on Push Notification Services (which were dropped from 2.1 and are reportedly still not ready for prime-time), cut and paste, video, turn-by-turn GPS, MMS, Flash, or any of the other hundred or so things people are desperate to see added. Seems Apple is still focusing on what others can add (i.e. Google), and what they can get the most out of in the shortest release cycles. (Joz's famous "priorities").

Think this info is legit? Are we getting 2.2 in 10 days? Any secret features we don't know about yet? What do you think?