MobileMe: Apple Apologizes Again

Friend-of-a-friend-of-a-former-Apple-employee (no names!) has just fed an awfully convenient (and admittedly unsubstantiated) rumor to the mill: MobileMe was run by Rob Schoeben, VP of Applications Marketing (including Pro Apps, iWork, and iLife) at Apple, who was a former Microsoft executive and who brought in fellow former Microsofties as well. Blogger Chuq Von Rospach intimates that Schoeben's head may well now decorate, pike-top, Steve Jobs' figurative wall outside 1 Infinite Loop. In more realistic terms:

Whether he was literally walked to the parking lot iwth a box of his stuff in full view of the cheering crowds of Apple employees, I don't know - but that's the image I get of this, based on how it was told to me. And for better or worse, I can see Steve Jobs doing something like that.

Since the term "getting Steved" is, rightly or wrongly, a near legendary tech-industry meme, it's safe to say so can a lot of other people. But did this all really go down, and in the way suggested? And is the Microsoft connection merely being played up entirely for the benefit of the "smarts"?


Meanwhile, Chuq also gets into the recent 3G chipset issues, which we covered earlier today and will update with his further rumormongering...