Rumor: Potential details on 2012 iPad 3, iPhone 5

iLounge claims their most solid of sources has given them details about the next generation iPad 3, iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple ends up calling it) and MacBooks for 2012. Highlights include:

  • Thicker, higher res display iPad for spring.
  • 4-inch screen, aluminum-backed, non-tear-drop shaped iPhone for summer.
  • Thinner MacBooks for 2012.

TiPb's been hearing about iPad 3 almost since iPad 2 was released, and nothing much has changed -- Apple needs to be able to source Retina displays -- 2048 x 1536 -- in sufficient quantity, at low enough prices to make it work. If lighting those suckers takes additional LED elements, and that makes them thicker, well Apple will have to forgo the usual "thinnest ever" Keynote bullet point next year.

Last we heard, the next iPhone was more fall than summer but this far out things can and will change, change back, and change again. Apple is likely -- as usual - testing several prototypes and things should get clearer closer to launch, be it at WWDC 2012 or the Special Fall Event 2012.

And boy would a 15-inch MacBook Air be nice... As long as we're playing Amercia's Next Top Rumor, feel free to chime in with your own predictions. What do you want your next iOS device to look like?

Source: iLounge