Mac Touch

Drop one tiny Verizon rumor pebble into the pond, and watch the iRipples spread like crazy. Cases in point:

Business Week (via MacRumors) is reporting that Apple will introduce two (2) new devices on Verizon this year:

  1. iPhone "Lite", which would be thinner and cheaper than the iPhone proper due to the system on a chip technology Apple has been amassing lately (i.e. PA Semi, Arm and PowerVR licenses, etc).
  2. "Media Pad", which would be smaller than an Amazon Kindle but with a larger screen and described as yet another breakthrough device on the scale of iPod or iPhone, with photos, HD movies, music, and Wi-Fi for -- presumably browsing and -- VoIP calls.

To further the rumor, one of these new toys may come as early as this summer. (WWDC time frame?)

We're still not sure about any of this. iPhone did begin life as a larger, iTablet-like Safari Pad, and recently developer Craig Hokenberry made an interesting argument for a "Front Row To Go" pad that sounds similar.

Meanwhile, sucking the oxygen out of the lower-cost market is something Apple did with the iPod nano, however Apple has repeatedly said there'd be no iPhone nano (for whatever that's worth...) but more importantly, unlike the GSM iPhone, a CDMA iPhone Lite or "Media Pad" wouldn't enjoy the international portability of the iPhone (sure, "world phones" typically do some EDGE, but we'd want ultra-fast HSPA+, right?).

Just 2 years post launch, the GSM iPhone is in over 80 countries. The CDMA Amazon Kindle? Still just 1. Apples to oranges, we know, but it's something to consider for "Media Pad" class devices.