Rumored iPad mini event to be focused on iBooks and education as well as new hardwareWe heard yesterday from some very reliable sources that Apple would be holding an event to launch the iPad mini later this month; October 23 to be more precise. Some more information is starting to slip out and it appears that the actual event may be focused on Apple’s iBooks store and of course education. The news comes from The Next Web who has now heard this from multiple sources.

In what will likely be completely unsurprising news to many, we’ve now heard from multiple sources that Apple’s as-yet-unannounced iPad mini event will have a strong focus on iBooks. Since an iPad mini would likely be squarely aimed at those who wish to partake of media on their tablets that would make a lot of sense.

The event will, of course, be primarily devoted a new hardware device, which iMore first reported would be a thinner, cheaper version of Apple’s iPad. But the primary purpose of such a smaller tablet would be to act as a conduit for Apple’s content, namely iBooks publications and movies.

When you think about it, the focus on iBooks does make a lot of sense. The iPad mini would be a killer device in the education market. The fact that it would be a much more affordable device as well would make it perfect for students to carry around with all of their text books stored on it. The iPad mini event is supposedly just around the corner so we will not have much longer to wait to see what Apple has up its sleeve. We would expect the invites for the event to start arriving for the chosen few in the very early part of next week. Who's excited?

Source: The Next Web