If rumors are to be believed, Samsung is about to get into the smartwatch space this week at the IFA 2013 conference in Berlin. Images have just leaked out of what may be a prototype of the device, but a new report suggests that it may actually connect to the iPhone 5. Giga OM's Om Malik:

"A source adds that the soon to be launched Samsung SmartWatch has no built in browser and uses the latest 4.3 version of Android, with keyboard features turned off. The watch comes built in with Bluetooth LE and that means it can work with phone with Bluetooth LE, including the iPhone 5 and other Android devices. The watch can be used for phone calls as well."

Bluetooth LE alone doesn't necessarily mean iPhone support, but the fact this source is hinting it may be a thing means we're at least interested. It's actually something we joked about just last week on the Android Central podcast, but if Samsung is serious about this product, supporting outside of its own Galaxy line of smartphones is possibly the best move they could make. Any iPhone support would likely be less feature packed than using the watch with a Galaxy phone, or perhaps any other Android phone, but it would still be a bold move.

A move we wouldn't expect Apple to necessarily reciprocate should the oft-rumored iWatch ever come to market. We're on the ground in Berlin all week with Android Central, so we'll know for sure soon enough.

Are you sold on the idea of a smartwatch yet? Would you ever consider one from Samsung if it hooked into your iPhone?

Source: GigaOM, VentureBeat, Android Central