Mac Touch Concept Rendering

iTablet rumors, paused for a week to allow some Apple Music Event rumors, are returning full force with a fresh batch straight from Taiwanese suppliers, who say the device will launch in February 2010. According to Taiwan Economic News:

The tablet PC features a 9.6-inch screen, finger-touch function and built-in HSPDA (high speed download packet access) module, and adopts a P.A. SEMI processor chip and long lasting battery pack, selling for between US$799 and US$999.

Given that Apple has a fairly regular product calendar, with iPhone OS Beta in March, WWDC and iPhone release in June, iTunes and iPod in September, and Mac events scattered in-between when new designs are ready, and especially considering Macworld in January is no longer on Apple's calendar, but we've all gotten used to giant product events at the beginning of the year... a February date makes some sense.

Not being locked to Macworld also means no firm date for the rumored release, so Apple can wait until the last minute and, venue availability not withstanding, hold it whenever the product is ready. Meaning, even if the February rumor is solid now, it's a moving target.

As to the specs, sounds like the rumors we've heard to date, though HSPDA does conflict with previous Verizon rumors (which still runs EVDO rev-A). It would be nice to finally see those Apple-spun PA Semi systems on a chip, however...

Enough of our rumor ruminations, what do you think? Sound plausible?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]