the classic Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin, is now available on the iPhone and iPad as an interactive storybook. All scenes feature 360º viewing and tapping on objects and characters will result in animations and dialog.

Silicon Beach Software invites you and your child to explore a new type of interactive children's storybook. Created and rendered in 3D, all the scenes feature 360º viewing. In Rumpelstiltskin HD, the classic Grimm Brothers' fairy tale comes alive with narration, stirring cinematic music, and delightful animations. Tap on characters to hear what they have to say in each scene (but watch out, Rumpelstiltskin will give you a little attitude in one scene if you keep poking him).

  • Tap on objects to see more animations
  • All characters speak in every scene, adding to the story
  • Find gold coins in each scene
  • Turn narration on or off with one tap
  • Tap on torches to turn them on and off, changing the lighting
  • 31 fun-filled pages
  • 26 pieces of music
  • Developed in a 3D game engine
  • 3D training room teaches how to use gestures with 3D scenes
  • Magnifier allows zoom in and zoom out, as does the pinch gesture
  • Universal: buy once, install on all your iOS devices

Rumpelstiltskin HD is available on the iPhone and iPad for $1.99.

[App Store link]

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