RunKeeper adds support for watchOS 2 and music analytics

Runkeeper, the popular exercise tracking app for iPhone, has been updated, bringing substantial changes to the app for Apple Watch, which now supports watchOS 2. With this support, you can now use Runkeeper on your watch without needing to keep your phone with you, and your workout will still be tracked.

Also coming along in this update is an enhancement to the music integration, with new music analytics letting you know how you performed in your workout during particular songs. Check out everything in Runkeeper 6.2 in the list below:

  • Standalone app for the Apple Watch. Hold the phone! That means you can run without your phone and still track with Runkeeper. You'll also get heart rate data on the run, and can easily swipe right or force touch to pause an activity on the go. Also, you get to leave your phone at home (in case you needed a reminder).
  • Post-activity music analytics. "Do I really run faster to Journey's Don't Stop Believin' or am I just imagining that?" Wonder no more! Run with music in Runkeeper (via Spotify, iTunes, or Runkeeper DJ), and after the run you'll get a full rundown of your playlist and your pace for each song. You'll also get to see the same for your Runkeeper friends. Have fun comparing notes!
  • Spotify integration bug fixes. What do you mean? Nothing's getting in the way between you, your run, and the latest Bieber hit.
  • Workout rewards bug fixes. Redeeming those rewards should be a breeze, once again.

Runkeeper 6.2 is available for download from the App Store right now.

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