keep your running pace for iphone and ipad

How many times have you started your run with the intent of finishing your mile in a specific amount of time, then halfway through give-up and slow down, promising to do better next time? Now what if your music slowed down when you slowed down -- would that be enough to keep up your pace? If yes, then Faster for iPhone is for you.

With Faster for iPhone, you will will be motivated by your dislike for horrible, slow music to keep your pace. Just tell Faster how far you plan to run and how long you want your run to take. It will use GPS data during your run to determine if your pace is fast enough to meet your goal. If you run too slow, Faster will slow down your music.

Some other features include voice feedback, calorie burn tracking, detailed logs, and achievements. You can also compete with your friends (and strangers) for total distance and best times.

I tested out Faster this evening and it works as advertised. When I slowed my pace, hearing the slow, distorted music was definitely a motivator to pick up my pace.

The whole point of Mobile Nations Fitness Month was to help you get motivated to take fitness seriously and make lifestyle changes to better your health -- maybe Faster for iPhone will help you keep that momentum going.

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