So, Ryan Seacrest wants a keyboard on his phone, but he also wants to use an iPhone. Ultimate first world problem? Well for most – including our buddies over at CrackBerry – wanting a hardware keyboard means one thing, and one thing only. Get a BlackBerry. Not Seacrest though, no, no, no. Instead, he's stumping up $1 million to build one. Kara Swisher at AllThingsD:

The Typo Keyboard will makes its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2014. While the company declined to discuss funding, sources said that Seacrest and his co-founder have invested over $1 million, and expect to invest more than $5 million, with future keyboard products in development.

What the Typo Keyboard is in effect, is a BlackBerry Q10 attachment for the bottom of your iPhone – Because lets face it, slide out landscape QWERTY's are so 2010. It even looks almost identical to the Q10 keyboard, and will to avoid making your iPhone/case combination extremely long, the keyboard seems to cover up the home button. So you won't be using Touch ID with it, then.

The Typo is set to cost $99 when it launches in January, and of course the iMore and Mobile Nations team will be live from Las Vegas with #CESLIVE, so we'll be getting our hands on it as soon as we possibly can. But what do you think; is there a market for a Keyboard like this for the iPhone? Or should Seacrest just be done with it and go get a BlackBerry for that sort of thing? Sound off in the comments!

Source: AllThingsD via CrackBerry