Apple has updated it's flagship web browser to the latest version, 5 without even a plug during today's Steve Jobs keynote. The new release promises even more HTML 5 compatibility as well as a new "reader" view that removes unwanted ads,etc.

Summary of the new features include:

  • Safari Reader
  • Even Greater Support for HTML 5
  • Better Performance
  • Bing Search
  • Safari Extentions

I can attest to the fast speed, websites load noticeably faster including My super scientific tests had me loading our page in 2 seconds, not to shabby. Not sure if it is the Nitro JavaScript engine or the DNS prefetching, but something sure is at work. However, I have been unsuccessful getting the Reader function to appear, I even tried accessing Spin as Apple does on their page with no luck. Another useful tidbit to mention is the inclusion of extensions with Safari 5. It is a little too early to see what this brings, but it can't be bad. Hopefully a developer can port existing extensions from Firefox or Google Chrome easily to Safari 5.

How about our readers? Are you seeing a speed difference? If you find a site that can take advantage or Reader, post it in the comments!

You can download Safari 5 here.

***UPDATE: In order for Reader to appear, you literally have to click on an article on a website. For example, click on this article in its entirety and the Reader button will appear in the smart address bar.