Safari for Mountain Lion

Craig Federighi, Apple's SVP of Mac demonstrated the all new Safari during the WWDC12 keynote today in San Francisco.

Safari has always been intertwined in the Mac OS - but it brings even more functionality in Mountain Lion.


Safari Unified Search

Just type a few characters into the unified smart search field.  Mountain Lion Searches matches in both your bookmarks and browsing history.

If you were browsing on another device - there is a new feature called iCloud tabs - which lists all the pages you have open across all your other devices.

The beauty of this is that you can pick up browsing right where you left off.


Tab view

Tab view has been updated for Mountain Lion. You can now use gestures to visually navigate your tabs.

Mountain Lion lets you use multi touch gestures to zoom in and out - zoom further out and you have a live view of all your tabs - a great way to browse.

The new scrolling architecture makes scrolling lightning fast.


Share in Mountain Lion

Share allows you to do just that - share about anything right from Safari.  Federighi displayed great visuals to the sharing functionality. You can share a photo to imessage, or share a photo.

Select the person to share a message and just like that - you have shared via iMessage. The new notification center tells you when your friend responded. Fluid gestures allow you to get in and get out of all these apps.

Twitter direct message comes in as a notification - or if you want to tweet while in Safari - you just summon up a tweet sheet and tweet away - even with dictation.

All in all, Safari looks to be receiving a huge and needed upgrade in the new version of Mountain Lion.

There's lots more coming from WWDC, so keep an eye on our liveblog!