Samsung and Apple reportedly fail to settle on patent dispute

Word has it that Samsung and Apple's mediated settlement talks were not fruitful, and that their patent dispute will be ongoing. This outcome probably seems a little obvious after Apple filed to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being imported to the U.S. the day the negotiations kicked off.  Samsung nor Apple have detailed exactly how the settlement talks panned out, but Samsung's CEO returns to Korea on Friday, at which point we can expect to hear a bit more on what's going on.

Samsung and Apple's patent disputes are extensive enough that the courts had to ask them to trim down the list of complaints so that there was actually a hope that they could resolve everything.  While I'll leave it to the judge and to figure out the technical merits of either side's complaints, this case is very likely to drag out as one side demands that another side's experts be banned from testifying, or claims that evidence is being spoiled, or any number of complaints that involve anything other than comparing patents and looking at prior art.

There is a definite sense of animosity between the two tech giants, which is to be expected considering how often Apple flat-out calls Samsung a copycat (which is funny considering Steve Jobs openly admitted to stealing great ideas himself). That said, I can't see Apple and Samsung settling out of court any time soon, nevermind wrapping up the case in a timely manner. How long do you guys think this patent dispute will last? Will it be worth the hassle for either party, or is this all just an extension of Steve Jobs' blood feud with Android? Can a patent case like this actually put a serious and lasting dent into Android? Anyway, I'm certainly curious to see what new evidence is brought to light throughout the case.

Source: Korea Times