Samsung has been airing a new Galaxy Gear ad that's structurally similar to the original iPhone ad Apple aired back in 2007. That's brought up the usual copy cat charges but former Apple evangelist Matt Drance points out that the resemblance isn't any more than skin deep. From Apple Outsider:

The Galaxy Gear ad, and the Galaxy Gear itself, convey none of this. The ad primes us with decades of fantastic expectations — expectations which just about any review of the product you can find will tell you have not been met. It also implicitly, and very ironically, shows just how lacking in vision the product itself is. The iPhone ad says, "We're starting over." The Gear ad says, "We tried to make that exact thing you've seen on TV all these years."

Matthew Panzarino highlights that, unlike the 2007 iPhone spot, which showed what the iPhone was about to obsolete, the Galaxy Gear spot shows what Samsung didn't manage to accomplish. From TechCrunch:

In what is a moment of incredible irony, the clips that Samsung chose for its spot actually make the Gear look pretty terrible in comparison. The gadgets in those clips and movies did amazing, wonderful things like communicating across vast areas of space and analyzing the environment. Only a few of them were actually 'phones' — which is how Samsung pitches the Gear.

My take on the ad isn't anywhere nearly as smart or nuanced as Drance's or Panzer's. Mine is simply this: That commercial makes me want a product Samsung by all accounts isn't delivering, and that's a lousy thing to do to a customer.

Source: Apple Outsider, TechCrunch