Samsung Galaxy S5 gets reviewed

The big new Android flagship phone of the year has just been released, and our sibling site, Android Central, has just posted their enormous Samsung Galaxy S5 review to tell you everything you need to know about it. Alex Dobie concludes:

All said, the Galaxy S5 inherits its predecessor's badge as a great all-rounder. GS5 buyers will be getting a solid high-end smartphone that's overflowing with software tricks both useful and superfluous. A handset more than competent in most areas, but not quite exceptional as a whole; a phone which never really disappoints, but at the same time rarely exceeds the sum of its parts.

A phone that's better, but not quite the best.

It's a tough market and only getting tougher. The iPhone 6 will no doubt be increasing the pressure on Samsung come September and if the Galaxy S5 isn't impressing now, how will it hold up 6 months from now?

Go check out the full Samsung Galaxy S5 review and then let me know — is it enough to tempt you for now, or are you holding out for the iPhone 6 this fall?