Samsung gets ready to counter-program the iPhone with the Galaxy S4

I'm in New York with our Windows Phone editor, Daniel Rubino and our videographer, Martin Reisch, to help Android Central's Phil Nickinson cover the ever-loving stuffing out of the Samsung Galaxy S4 event at Radio City Music Hall tonight. (Yeah, all of us can work cross-platform, go figure?)

What we're expecting is a bigger, badder-asser Galaxy S phone. So much has leaked already that there may not be too many surprises. The screen will likely be bigger (somewhere between the Galaxy S3 and the Note II?), processor will likely be more advanced (big.LITTLE dual quadcore), and Samsung will do what they do best -- throw a dizzying array of software features at us to see what sticks. Rumors range from eye-tracking to make sure we're paying attention to videos, to hover-mode for the touch sensor so you can gesture above, not just on the display, for even more options.

What's real and what's wishful blogging, we won't know until tonight. I'll be in Times Square with Martin if you're there and want to say hi, and get your picture in the Android Central feed. Otherwise we'll tweet what we can -- @reneritchie and @safesolvent -- but if you're at all interested in Apple's biggest competition to date, keep it locked on Android Central and the Samsung Galaxy S3

The iPhone 5 is almost 6 months old. The iPhone 5s is still months away. Samsung's picked the perfect time to counter-program Apple. It's their turn in the spotlight. While we wait on the next iPhone, let's see what Samsung can do.