Samsung emailing anti-iPhone 4S talking points

Not content with letting the Apple fanboys self-immolate over expectational depression, Samsung's Kim Titus has decided to spread some iPhone 4S talking points of their own in handy email form. I'll spare you the preamble and jump straight to the good stuff:

  • Screen size benefits scale by AREA (length x width), not just diagonal; the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S II has 42% more screen area and Sprint / T-Mobile versions of Galaxy S II have 58% more screen area than the iPhone 4S.

  • The Galaxy S II HSPA+ network speeds are at least 50% faster with AT&T 21 MBPS and three times faster with T-Mobile’s 42 MBPS than the iPhone 4S’s 14 MBPS HSPA network.

  • Galaxy S II continues to have the thinnest smartphone design with the fastest network speed on each of the networks carrying the smartphone (AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile) including today’s announcement of the iPhone 4S specs for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

  • Open Ecosystem – Consumers can use the Galaxy S II to buy music from Amazon, Rhapsody, or a variety of other music services, as well as multiple cloud music services supported such as Amazon, Google Music and multiple video chat clients available for use including Google Chat and Skype. The Samsung Galaxy S II is not limited to a single manufacturer’s storefront or app store.

Sure, the last point is quasi-BS, but the Galaxy S II is a gorgeous set of phones, no doubt about that. (Just check out Phil's review of the AT&T Galaxy S II on Android Central). And Android device makers have always been well armed in the spec fight. Still, iPhone 4S is no slouch in that department either, and with Siri it's fair to say they've taken user experience to a whole new level.

Is this Samsung seizing on perceived user displeasure over Apple's iPhone 4S announcement, or panicking slightly over what Apple's about to drop like Mjolnir on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint?