Samsung does make some great displays, for sure, though while they've taken on the Retina Display on mobile, their laptop displays pale in comparison next to the MacBook Pro's Retina Display. In truth, only Google's Chromebook Pixel and Toshiba's new Kirabook can really sit at the same table as the Retina MacBook Pro. Samsung is looking to change all that with the announcement of their new panel with a staggering 276 PPI.

To get to that number, the new panel boasts a 3200 x 1800 resolution at 13.3-inches. Without officially confirming that the new display would be heading to their Ultrabook range, at that size it's a relatively safe bet that it won't be reserved for tablets. Samsung also says that the new display will boast 30% better power saving compared to existing LCD displays. The new display is being unveiled in Vancouver at Display Week 2013.

Until we see this new display with our own eyes, we'll have to reserve judgment. It certainly sounds enticing, especially when you consider the quality of the displays on both Retina MacBook Pro's, and even the Chromebook Pixel. More competition in the laptop display space can only be good news in the long run. Though, we're still wondering just how many pixels you really need to display that Windows 8 UI? Those will be some mighty fine looking squares.

Source: Samsung via The Verge