Samsung talks smack about

In its patent case against Apple, Samsung had recently asked that some of Apple's experts be dismissed from testifying, and now they're asking that one more be banned.

Apple's damages expert, Terry L. Musika, writes in his report that 'Apple has built a considerable and at times a cult-like following to all things Apple.' That cult-like following apparently includes several experts who are appearing on Apple's behalf in this case, and may explain why they have cast aside established scientific methods and governing legal principles in favor of slavish adoration of their client and platitudes about its alleged magical and revolutionary products, issues that are of no relevance to the claims and defenses at issue.

Zing. It might be hard to argue that Henry Urbach, another target of Samsung's, be barred since he has no marketing or product design experience beyond his fawning  essay on Apple retail stores called Gardens of Earthly Delights, but Apple had similar complaints about eight of Samsung's experts too. Of course, through all of this, both sides are trying to have patent complaints from their competitor tossed out, even after both Apple and Samsung had dropped many at the judge's request to keep the case within a manageable scope.

It's fun to see Samsung get so catty about Apple culture, in any case. While I'm hesitant to apply the iSheep stereotype to all iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, it's clear that at least some of Apple's witnesses are lacking credibility due to their brand loyalty, and really don't belong on the stand. Generally speaking, how many iPhone, iPad, and Mac fans do you think have their judgement clouded by their predisposition towards Apple? How often are you willing to acknowledge that the competition is doing something right? Do any of your friends bust your chops for being an Apple fanboy?

Source: FOSS Patents