It's impossible to argue that Samsung didn't change course and make the Galaxy S6 seem as close to an iPhone as possible. They tried to match the look and feel, even if they couldn't match the fit and finish, and now it looks — and sounds — like they're trying to match the same visuals — and voices — of the advertising as well.

This is how Apple highlighted the Apple Watch materials back in March:

And this is Samsung's latest video, uploaded today:

If you look at Samsung's design legacy over the years, it should come as no surprise. Nor should the massive replication errors in hardware, software, and now British accents. (Which, sadly, they can't seem to align any better than ports.)

As a former designer and product marketer, my heart goes out to the people working on this stuff. No creative professional wants to be told to copy the work of others. It's soul-crushing.

Samsung probably doesn't care about that. What they care about is being successful. And that's the billion dollar question — will a Samsung that's reverted to copying Apple secure better results than the Samsung that was trying, for a brief time, to blaze its own path?

My gut says no.