Six months later and it's recognized now as the theater some of us saw it for back then. Indeed, my own iPhone 6 Plus, bought at launch day and kept in my front pocket almost constantly ever since, remains as flat and solid as a board. That didn't stop some of Apple's competitors from jumping on the hype in hopes of scoring some cheap attention of their own.

Samsung, for example, was quick to point out everything they do to keep phones safe in pockets. From YouTube:

And apparently, our hips are strong – stronger than we give it credit for. Leaving things in your back pocket can lead to, well, bent things.

More recently, via the Huffington Post:

Samsung's Younghee Lee, executive vice president of the company's mobile division, seemed to relish the opportunity for a jab during Sunday's press event.

"This stuff will not bend," Lee said.

Smash cut to this week and, of course, the just-released Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is now suffering from a "bendgate" controversy all its own. YouTube:

SquareTrade Shows Samsung S6 Edge as Bendable as iPhone 6 Plus & More Likely to Crack Under Pressure

Turns out, physics. And when you have glass on both sides, shattering physics. So maybe next time be careful before you start throwing stones?

Update: Some of the comments below rightly point out that it'll also be interesting to see just how much media attention this new "bendgate" gets. At the very least it'll help show how much attention media gives when they can cram Apple into a headline.