Samsung is planning to take its ongoing tussle with Apple to the Supreme Court, according to recently filed court documents. Following a rejection by the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider a decision that could see Samsung paying out hundreds of millions to Apple, Samsung is hoping to take its case to the highest court. As reported by San Jose Mercury News:

In court papers filed Wednesday, Samsung moved to put its ongoing patent feud with Apple on hold while it presses its appeal to the nation's high court, which will have an opportunity to weigh in on perhaps the most high-profile tech showdown in recent memory.

"The questions present issues of enormous importance to patent litigation and the scope of innovation, especially in high-technology industries," Samsung's legal team wrote in a bid to hold off paying Apple hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for the patent violations.

This latest move from Samsung follows news from last week that Samsung's bid to have a previous decision in its patent battle with Apple reconsidered was rejected. In a verdict stemming from the original 2011 case, Samsung was found to have infringed on multiple patents for the design and key features of the iPhone and was charged with $1 billion in damages. Since then, the Korean tech giant has managed to have that amount reduced to just over $500 million.

If the Supreme Court takes this case and finds in favor of Samsung, another $400 million in damages could be thrown out. However, Samsung will be fighting an uphill battle just to have the case heard, as the Supreme Court takes a tiny fraction of the number of case requests it receives each year.

Source: San Jose Mercury News