San Francisco Police Department have asked to review the surveillance videos from the bar where an iPhone prototype was supposedly left by an Apple employee. Jose Valle, whose family own the Cava 22 bar, was contacted by SFPD with a request to see the footage between the dates of July 21 and 22nd.

It is unclear what the videos will be able to offer SFPD or why they want them. According to Mr Valle, the bar has six cameras which take still images every three minutes. There are also many areas in the bar with low light conditions; which would not provide images with very much detail. Mr Valle has tried to contact SFPD to let them know the video is available to view but  SFPD has not followed up as of yet.

Lt. Troy Dangerfield, speaking on behalf of SFPD, said that he wasn't aware that investigators had gone to the bar or were looking for the videos. He also confirmed that Apple had not filed a police report so was sure that there was no criminal investigation connected to the missing device.

He concluded that the request by police for the surveillance footage was likely part of the internal review launched this month by department officials into how police assisted Apple in a search of a home on July 24.

This one looks set to rumble on for some time yet. Hopefully it will all be irrelevant very soon; when Apple reveals the next generation iPhone in the coming weeks.

Source: Cnet