We recently ran an iPhone 4S six months later round-table. In in the iMore and Mobile Nations editors sharing our thoughts on Apple's flagship handset some half-a-year into its product cycle. We also asked you, the iMore Nation, to share your 6-month review on our iPhone 4S forums (and if you haven't already, add yours now as we'll be rounding up the best parts for a blog post later this week!)

Right now we just want to get a quick sense of your satisfaction level. Six months later, are you still happy with your iPhone 4S purchase? Is the iPhone 4S still competitive or are you thinking about switching to something else? Would you recommend the iPhone 4S to a friend, family member, or co-worker looking for a new phone today?

Cast your vote in the poll above and then jump into our iPhone 4S forum and leave us your complete iPhone 4S review, six months later!

Are you still satisfied with the iPhone 4S six months later? [Poll]