Satya Nadella has officially been named as Microsoft's third CEO, following the short line of Bill Gates and, until today, Steve Ballmer. Those are some enormous shoes to fill, both figuratively and literally. He inherits an enormous task as well — to steer one of the world's largest and most important companies into the future. That Microsoft chose Nadella, a cloud and enterprise veteran, gives us our first hint at their course. But just a hint.

Will Nadella's Microsoft eschew the consumer electronics side and steer hard towards business and infrastructure? Xbox One just launched, and Microsoft just bought Nokia, but on how many fronts does the new CEO want to engage? Ironically, without a consumer-facing side, Microsoft could become like their oldest rival, IBM — tremendously successful, but almost invisible to the mainstream. Nadella seems to like gaming, however, and it's still the earliest of new days, so who knows? iOS and OS X users benefit from Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync, and from several apps, including some versions of Office. Where do you think Microsoft will go? Where should they go?

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