The fine folks at Pad & Quill were kind enough to give away 3 iPhone and 3 iPad cases to iMore readers earlier this week, but interest was so high and the feedback so terrific, Mr. and Mrs. P&Q decided they wanted to do something for everyone else as well. So... coupon code!

If you've had your eye on a handmade, book-bound, leather and wood iPhone or iPad case from Pad & Quill, now's you chance to grab it and save 15% this weekend. Need even more incentive? P&Q offers free shipping on Fridays to US addresses, and reduced shipping to international addresses. Add all that up, and it's a hefty amount of savings for iMore readers, so check it out.

Coupon code: MRPQ

Win a brand new iPhone or iPad mini case from Pad & Quill Enter now!

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