Only days following Zynga's purchase of OMGPOP and Draw Something, comes an announcement with an impressive list of features that are coming soon to Draw Something.

Included in this list is the ability to save and share your drawings on Twitter and Facebook, an increase of the max streak from 99 to 999, the ability to pull down to refresh the game, an undo button for your last brush stoke, more words, and improved performance.

They've also acknowledged issues with coins, colors, and bombs not displaying, crashes, and bugs that keep you from completing your turn -- with a promise to fix them all.

Additionally, the ability to chat with your partner will be coming in the future, though not in the next update.

This announcement comes as an email from OMGPOP, so it looks like Zynga plans to continue with the OMGPOP branding. This is probably a smart move since many people, like myself, are not huge fans of Zynga and how they conduct business. There's no denying how they already seem to be positively impacting the game, though.

So who's excited for this next update? If you haven't already, head to the iMore forums and share your Draw Something username with other Draw Something players from our community!

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