Robert Scoble grabs his camera and heads to the Web 2.0 Summit Party to interview high profile attendees. He says that everyone there seemed to have an iPhone, except for himself. Come on, Robert - you know you want to join the cult. Drink from the fountain of Kool-Aid, it will make you sleepy.

My favorite quote comes from his interrogation of Robert Sears, Chief Architect of Multimedia Experiences at Nokia, about the Finnish company's answer to the iPhone...

I proudly showed him I hadn’t yet joined the iCult, even if the rest of my family had. Whew, dodged that one. I came real close to buying an iPhone tonight before the party. Anyway Sears smiled when I asked him if Nokia had an answer to the iPhone. Ahhh, I love the smell of cell phone competition in the evening, don’t you?

LOL! Robert, Nokia has no answer to iPhone. And when such a product does see the light of day it's going to suck donkey testicles. The challenges Nokia faces in replicating an OSX-like experience are enormous. The Symbian OS that powers Nokia Smartphones is fundamentally inferior to OSX and doesn't even support a touch interface. They sold off their touch framework (UIQ) to Sony-Ericsson last year. Sears can smile coyly all he wants, he's bluffing.