Scobleize Your iPhone!

Robert Scoble is an internet force of nature. Depending on your point of view, even odds that force is either life-giving rain, or death-bearing inferno. A former Microsoft evangelist who acquired a huge social network following that he's dragged with him through Facebook and Twitter to his current endeavor, Fast Company, he'll tell 5,000 friends he's crying over World Wide Telescope, 20,000 people he's QIKing it live (right now!), and an entire readership just what exactly his top 18 "Star-Spangled" iPhone apps. Let's see how they stack up (provided we can hurdle the prerequisite name-dropping in the intro, 'natch!):

"Scobleizing" his pics into 6 easy-to-chew sections, news, photos, music, video, social media, and backup, that include Web Apps, Jailbroken Native Apps, and desktop-side apps, his choices run the gamut from the a-list-obvious Google Reader and Facebook, to the previously-on-TiPB'd (confession, we advertise with them so we must like them too!), and Meebo.

The list, wisely, points readers to the indices from both and for more.

So, how does Scoble do? Points for including the billion-dollar gorillas alongside some lesser-knowns, and for going beyond his usual social, quasi-self-involved network focus. Probably not everyone's killer apps (I don't use any of them!) but an excellent starting place for a pleasantly wide range of newcomers.

Want to Scobleize your iPhone? Check out the June 2008 issue of Fast Company for his complete list of apps.