ScreenLab review: Create custom wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad

ScreenLab is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you create custom wallpapers for your lock screen. It's not just an app with photos and graphics that work great as wallpapers, but it also lets you add calendars, to-do lists, text boxes, and photos to your wallpapers, making them truly unique.

ScreenLab comes loaded up with 12 beautiful background images, but you can also use any photo stored on your iPhone or iPad. When adding an object, you can customize the color, opacity, size, and style. The types of objects included in ScreenLab are text fields, to-do lists, calendars, and photos.

When you're done designing your wallpaper, you simply save it to your Camera Roll and assign the saved images as your wallpaper with the Photos app.

The good

  • Predefined models
  • Includes Calendars, to-do lists, and multiline text fields
  • Includes beautiful wallpapers
  • Every object is highly customizable
  • Adjust opacity for all objects
  • Resize anything
  • Supports iPad portrait and landscape orientation
  • Video tutorial and help available everywhere

The bad

  • Can't edit the color of text in to-do list (it's dependent on color you choose for the box)
  • Only 12 included wallpaper backgrounds
  • When adding a full-screened photo as an object, it remains "on top" so that you cannot edit any other objects you've already placed

The bottom line

ScreenLab is a great app for creating custom wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad. Not only can you add meaningful photos, but you can also turn your Lock screen into a quick to-do list and display contact information to someone who may find your lost iPhone or iPad.

ScreenLab is available at the introductory price of just $0.99.

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