Screens adds Dropbox support for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Screens, the VNC app for Mac, iPhone and iPad, today hits version 3.1 on the Mac and 3.4 on iOS with Dropbox support, giving users more choice in how to syncornize their saved screens. Screens will still default to iCloud for syncronization, except for the Mac version purchased outside of the Mac App Store.

Activating Dropbox storage is fairly straightforward. Simply go to the settings in both Mac and iOS versions, and go to Sync or Synchronization, respectively. Select Dropbox, give the app access, and you're set.

Both versions of Screens have seen other improvements today. The iOS app will now only prompt you for your User Authentication password once, and remember that your user has a blank password. Screens also won't use an SSH password as a VNC password if it's already associated with an SSH key.

Users of Screens for Mac are now able to hide the Screens dock icon if they wish. A connected indicator has been added to the library window, when Screens is connected. When a remote computer closes the connection, Screens will attempt to reconnect automatically. Middle-mouse clicks can be triggered with the 'fn' key and a left-click. Localization has been added with Italian and Dutch localization, with Spanish to follow soon.

Developer Edovia also says that they have started work on Screens 3.5. When that update hits, Screens for Mac will have its version number bumped from 3.1 to 3.5 to simplify things.

You can download Screens 3.4 for iPhone and iPad, and Screens 3.1 for Mac, right now from their respective App Stores.

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