In a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, Apple has revealed that its next annual shareholder’s meeting will take place at their Cupertino headquarters on February 27, 2013, some minor shareholder proposals which, as always, will almost certainly get voted down, and the huge surprise that Apple blew past the financial targets needed for execs to trigger bonuses.

On the matter of Cook’s compensation, while last year Cook’s compensation was listed as $378 million, most of that was in stock awards that Cook will earn over the course of a decade. His compensation this year is his salary of $1.36 million along with a $2.8 million incentive plan, for a total of $4.16 million. For perspective, his compensation last year minus his stock awards was just north of $1.8 million.

When it comes to the proposals at the meeting in February, Apple shareholders have been advised by the board to vote against the creation of a human rights committee because the board feel it would be redundant. Additionally, all board election is expected to see the return of all eight current board members including Chairman Arthur Levinson, Tim Cook, and Al Gore.

So, pretty much exactly what anyone following APPL would expect. Which is a good thing.

Source: SEC