Second Gear teases new app... using Passbook!

The fine folks over at Second Gear have a couple of exciting announcements this week: A new product, and a new service for developers. What makes these announcements particularly interesting is their use of Passbook.

The minds that brought you the iOS markdown editor, Elements and the @Justin Bieber fanclub on Twitter1, have launched a website promoting the new app that allows people to register their username early and install a Passbook pass, or Pit Pass, on their device for the upcoming app. The Pit Pass is currently a little sparse on information but be sure to check out the barcode. Second Gear’s plan is to gradually fill in the pass, allowing users to gradually acquire more bits about the app leading up to its announcement and release.

Alongside the release of the Pit Pass has come an announcement of the will provide a Passbook backend that will allow developers to leverage Passbook as a promotional tool for their apps and services, the way that Second Gear is using it for their upcoming app now. While it’s not yet available, developers can sign up to be notified when the service officially launches.

Many users enjoy Passbook with major businesses like Starbucks, Target and United Airlines, but there’s still a large pool of users who don’t yet make use of Passbook. Second Gear’s implementation of Passbook as a promotional tool is an intriguing new spin on the service that could generate more interest and use among consumers.

Source: Second Gear

  1. Nothing official about it and no actual affiliation to Justin Bieber.