From the moment the iPhone SDK shipped in 2008 pretty much everyone who could sling bits or pixels had but one dream — to make a hit app. Yet for every Instagram, WhatsApp, Siri, and Real Racing there are endless graveyards of apps, excellent and terrible, that not only didn't strike it rich, but didn't even come close to breaking even. So what's the secret to making a hit app? Dave Wiskus takes a look in the latest installment of Better Elevation.

So you want to make a hit app. At first glance, you might assume that you need to have a great idea and be the first one to make said idea into software. Well, no.

Because of what I do for a living, I often get approached by people who say they have an idea for the "next hit app" and just need someone to code it for them — without ripping them off. To quote a past episode of Debug, that's like saying they have a great idea for a book and just need someone to write it for them.

Ideas are only worth what can be realized from them. That includes execution, and it includes reach.

But why am I wasting words when Wiskus has emoji and the will to use them?