Secret Menu for Starbucks gives you access to all the flavor combos you could dream of

If you're a Starbucks fan and you're getting a little bored with the regular menu, welcome to the dark side. For those that don't know, there's tons of different recipes out there that aren't on the menu such as cotton candy, twix, and caramel apple Frappucinos. Some Starbucks locations even know of these items and can make them upon request.

Secret Menu for Starbucks gives you a pretty extensive list of these secret recipes and the directions so you know exactly what to ask for at the counter.

For the coffee fanatics out there, Starbucks' secret menu may not come as a complete surprise to you. I've found several locations that knew certain secret recipes by name without the help of a recipe. While I knew a few, I didn't know even a tiny percentage of all the different concoctions you could make at Starbucks, particularly with Frappucinos.

While Secret Menu for Starbucks doesn't have the most enjoyable interface, it is the only resource I've found, app or otherwise, that gives this much information into the secret world of Starbucks mixed drinks.

Whether you're bored with your same old Starbucks favorite or are intrigued by trying a Twix Frappucino, at $0.99 it's a great little resource to have for your visits to Starbucks.

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