See through government censorship in Blackbar

Blackbar, a text-based game developed by Neven Mrgan and James Moore, revolves around the concept of censorship. Set in a dystopian world where communication is heavily regulated, the goal of Blackbar is to figure out what words are being censored in a series of letters.

Simply open the game to get started, and you'll be presented with the first letter to a person called Vi, with some of the words having been redacted. You must figure out what the redacted words really are. Once you do, the word is highlighted in yellow. After you've uncovered all of the redacted words in a letter, you can move on to the next one. As the game progresses, the letters become more heavily redacted. You can navigate between letters by swiping left or right, or using the "Previous" or "Next" buttons.

Blackbar is available as a universal game on the App Store for just $2.99, so go check it out.

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