I'm checking out some of the best slim cases for the iPhone 5s and I'm starting off with two great cases from Seidio, and Surface case and the Ledger Flip case.

The Seidio Surface case is the most basic. It has a hard shell on the outside but a very cool velvety inside that really protects the metallic finish of your iPhone 5s. Because it separates into two parts, the Seidio Surface case goes on easily and snaps into place securely.

The Seidio Ledger case is almost like a wallet case and even includes a thin slot for a card. Your iPhone 5s goes inside the book-like covers, and since there's a front cover as well, your screen gets full frontal protection. Also, the Seidio Ledger case has a — wait for it — kickstand! That means you can prop your iPhone 5s up and watch your videos to your heart's content.

The Surface is perfect for those who want a simple, easy to put on and take off slim case that'll protect their precious iPhone 5s inside and out.

The Ledger is good for those who want a wallet-style case in an even sleeker format. It does cover the front of you iPhone 5s, so if that bugs you stay away. If it appeals to you, go for it!

  • $26.95 - Seidio Surface case for iPhone 5s - Buy now
  • $36.95 - Seidio Ledger Flip case with kickstand for iPhone 5s - Buy now