If you bought an iPhone, odds are pretty decent that you replaced another cell phone with it. Odds are also decent that you kept the iPhone over the other cell phone. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. Well, as it turns out, you can get a real-time price quote for your old cell phone. Just type in whatever cell phone you want to recycle at the website Second Rotation, describe the condition. If they're interested and you like the price, they'll send you a prepaid DHL label. Voila!

I have at least two cell phones sitting in a drawer. I don't use them anymore, they really just take up space. They're not even smartphones. Amount of money I'm wasting by keeping them: $150. If I sold my wife's smartphone I could almost buy her an iPhone... and it's the holiday season... hmmmm. And best of all, that's just the phones. I could be sitting on a gold mine of old junk. (via)