iPhone 3G: Attack of the Blackberry Thunder iClone!

Our public frenemy number 1, CrackBerry Kevin, tipped us to RIM revealing details of their latest "innovation", the BlackBerry App Store (and no, we're not jaded that the company that once said touchscreens were a non-starter is now high-five'ing themselves silly over winning the self-awarded "breakthrough" prize for the Storm's SurePress at Mobile World Congress -- iSigh).

Them new CrackBerry App Store details? (And no, we're not going to call it the CrApp Store, thanks you very much!) No themes allowed, which are apparently quite popular (not that we non-Jailbroken iPhone owners have any idea what they are, right Apple?). WebApps will be showcased alongside native apps, which is interesting given how WebApps on the iPhone have languished in terms of the Apple spotlight since the iPhone App Store launched.

Unlike Apple's free SDK or $99 registered SDK with tethering, RIM will charge devs $200 per 10 apps submitted to the store. How the effects free apps (or rejected/re-submitted apps?) is unknown. Like the iPhone App Store, support will be the responsibility of the developer, which some hope will encourage more stable code (and not just less supportive developers).

Also important to remember in all this, however, is that while an iPhone can hold up to almost 16GB of Apps, BlackBerry's are severely limited -- only onboard app storage can be used, after the OS takes its share. We're talking a 30-100MB at most (and single iPhone Apps can be bigger than that).

So what do we think? Dieter wanted Apple to copy-back the Ovi Store's recommendation engine. Anything Apple should copy-back from RIM? WebApp category?