Welcome to 2009, where Microsoft will -- at some point later this year or next -- release versions of what Apple released in 2008!

Our frenemies over at WMExperts have the details, and we have the snide remarks:

  • SkyMarket looks to be the App Store done Microsoft's way. Does that mean each app will ship in Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Really Professional, Ultimate, and 8 more server SKU's?

  • SkyBox, which if MobileMe is "Exchange for the rest of us", makes SkyBox "MobileMe for the same of you?". We can only guess it's a repackaging of Hosted Exchange and Live! services, so join in on the Sync Toy/Live Sync/Live Mesh/Azuze MPD-brandfusion. It will, reportedly, run on non-WinMo devices (which is actually a Very Nice Thing).

  • SkyLine, either a business version of SkyBox(!) or a Mobile clone of iDisk, depending on who's reading the tea leaves.

Microsoft, like RIM, Google, and Palm have to go in this direction. Apple opened a floodgate with the AppStore, no doubt about it, so while we poke some friendly fun, we also hope this gives Apple more competition, like the new Palm Pre, so that Apple has to up their game and give us iPhone faithful more functionality faster than we might otherwise get.

Anyone racing to pick up an HTC FUZE and try it out?