Let's see, another day, another trade show, another shameless iPhone knockoff...

We've covered (and recovered) the disappointing iPhone-esque stylings of the new Blackberry, and the interwebs have pretty much beaten the Meizu into a sparking, frying pulp, yet it seems the mobile design world just can't get enough of Poppa Jobs' little industry revolutionizer.

It's been over a year since Macworld 2007, and what has Samsung been cooking up? Something totally unique, original, and game changing all their own? Something to keep pushing the industry forward? Er... not so much. Gizmodo brings us a quick look at the "new" Instinct, set to rock the Sprint network, in all its iPhone "homage" glory:

Samsung's Instinct may be the best stab at the coveted title of iPhone killah this CTIA.

Oh, really? Stalwart Apple pundit site Daring Fireball retorts:

I enjoy how in this initial report, based on a press release and press screenshots, Gizmodo dubs it a “decent iPhone competitor”, but then when they actually got to see one firsthand it ends up — surprise surprise — that it’s buggy as hell. Plus the web browser, despite the magic bullet of 3G networking, is “painfully slow”.

And provides a Twitter post from Macworld editorial director Jason Snell, both pithy and profound, to sum things up:

Dear writers, announcing an iPhone knockoff is not "upping the ante." It's not even calling. It's putting your watch into the pot.

So, is imitation the sincerest form of flattery or just a sign that no one else in the industry has any of their own Big Ideas anymore? Are you sticking with your iPhone, or just dying to rush out and snap up an iClone? What do you think?