Send Mom a beautiful, custom letterpress card this Mother's Day with Cards for iPhone

Cards is Apple's iPhone app that allows you to create custom cards to be printed and mailed to friends and family. The recent update includes some cute templates for Mother's Day. Apple has added new cards in many of the other categories as well.

Creating a card is super easy and only take a few minutes to do. Once you decided on a template, just tap the photo field to insert a photo. You can edit text in a similar manner. Once you make your personal adjustment to the inside and outside of the card, you can add addresses from your address book. Then tap the price of the card ($2.99), enter your password, and your card is on its way!

Well, in theory.

I've tried sending a card twice now with no luck. Both times, I've added the recipient address from my contacts and then tapped to edit it because I wanted to change the name of the recipient. After making my changes and tapping done, Cards prompts me to select what country the recipient is from. Then it crashes.

I'm actually pretty sad about this. I've sent personalized greeting cards with Cards in the past and the quality is great. I hope Apple fixes this before Mother's Day, because I was planning to send my mom a Mother's Day card with this app.

It's also ironic that Apple claims that this update "improves accuracy of envelope address verification" and "simplifies and improves the checkout process".

And while I'm griping about Cards, anyway, can I just say -- where's the iPad version, Apple?!

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